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MOSA Travel League

Allentown-Upper Freehold Home Page

Updated: 8/12/2014

Allentown-Upper Freehold

President Team Colors M.O.S.A. Reps.
Red/White - Red/White Shorts
Alan Nicholls

71 Yellow Meeting House Road
Cream Ridge, New Jersey 08514
Amaro Pereira
11 Babbitt Way
Allentown, New Jersey 08501

Allentown-Upper Freehold Teams Playing in MOSA Travel League

Boys/Girls Division Team Age Group Years Flight Coach Coach Phone Number
Girls II UFA VALKRIES U-15 99/00 National 1 Kirk Bullock
Girls III UFA Rocks U-13 01/02 National 1 Chris Strahle
Boys III UFA Rage U-14 00/01 National 2 Mathew Reilly
Boys IV UFA Force U-12 02/03 Premier Mike Rentner
Boys IV UFA SPARTANS U-12 02/03 National 3 Dominic Ricciardi
Girls IV UFA Nitro U-12 02/03 National 3 Steve Slimowicz
Girls IV UFA Rebels U-11 03/04 National 6 Timothy Goddeyne
Boys V UFA UNION U-10 04/05 National 4 Rick Cottrell
Boys V UFA ARSENAL U-9 05/06 National 5 Robin Ford
Boys VI UFA ENFORCERS U-8 06/07 Premier 2 Jason Jones

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